Campo scout is the second short of A casa dei Loud.


Lana and Lola try out for Bluebell Scouts.


Lana and Lola are excited today, because it's the day they get a chance to become offical Bluebell Scouts together. To help motivate each other, they give each other their lucky charms (For Lana: Lola's princess wand, for Lola: Lana's sink plunger). As the two prepare to head off, they run into Lincoln and Clyde, with smiles on their faces. They want to come in order to get their hands on some of the Bluebell's famous cookies under the giuse that they want to support them. However, Lana and Lola see through this, and leave while the boys' minds are wrapped around the thought of cookies.

At camp Bluebell, the Scout Leader tells the girls that in order for them to become Bluebell Scouts, they need to earn five patches, which Lana and Lola find as a simple task. The first patch assigned is the Wilderness Protection patch, which requires them to pick up trash on a hiking trail. As they hike, Lana has no problem picking up the trash, while Lola has a panic attack at the garbage she has to pick up. As a result, Lana wins the patch, and Lola fails miserably. Behind a shrub, Lincoln and Clyde are look around trying to find the cookies, but are unsuccsessful in doing so. The next badge is the Care Care patch, which requires them to fix a tire on the bus. Lana manages to fix up the bus, allowing her to win the badge, and Lola fails again, due to suggesting a car mechanic instead of doing the work herself, ending the short.


The other girls have no lines in this short.


  • The Bluebell scouts is a girls-only scout club.
  • The title is a reference to the phrase "patching things up".
  • The known Bluebell badges are only Wilderness Protection and Car Care, meaning three are unknown.
  • Lincoln in this short is a minor character.


  • Bob Esponja - The joke of Lincoln and Clyde producing a waterfall of drool is similiar to Mr. Krabs doing the same action in "One Krabs Trash".
  • Despicable Me - Lola's hazmat suit made her look like a Minion.
  • The Fairly OddParents  - The wand that Lola owns looks like the ones that Cosmo and Wanda own.

Running GagsModifier

  • Lana winning, and Lola losing.